Scott Josiah - State Forester - Nebraska Forest Service (josiah-scott)

Scott Josiah, State Forester & Director

Dr. Scott Josiah is a forester with 34 years of experience in forestry, agroforestry, containerized nursery management and wildland fire both in the U.S. and in tropical developing countries. 

Scott received a BS in forestry from the NY State College of Environmental Science and Forestry, earned a MS in soils and botany from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale and a Ph.D. in forest policy and administration from the University of Minnesota. 

He worked as a forester on private lands in New York and spent 4 years serving as fire protection forester for the U.S. Territory of Guam.  Before moving to the upper midwest in 1992, he worked in Haiti for 5 years, first running a commercial tree nursery and then managing a network of 30 regional containerized nurseries that produced 7 million tropical hardwood seedlings/year.  Scott ultimately became assistant director for a national agroforestry project in Haiti, where he was responsible for the technical activities of 1,100 extension and technical staff who promoted agroforestry systems.  

Scott joined the faculty of the University of Nebraska–Lincoln in 1998 as extension forester, directing research and education programs in specialty woody crops production and marketing, community forestry and agroforestry.  He has been serving as state forester and director of the Nebraska Forest Service since 2005, administering a suite of programs addressing the forestry needs in this Great Plains state.