Forests are more than just trees. They are a vital resource in Nebraska. Forests provide homes for deer, squirrels, birds and a multitude of other animals. Forests clean air, purify water and protect valuable topsoil. Forests provide wind protection and conserve energy. Forests grow wood for fuel and posts and lumber to build homes, furniture, toys and tools. Forests provide solace and beauty to our landscape.

Rural Forestry Assistance Program

Through the RFAP, the Nebraska Forest Service provides on-the-ground technical assistance to landowners who are in need of forest management help.  These services include assistance and advice on forest and woodlot management, windbreak establishment and management, reforestation, and other forestry related issues. These services are provided through District Foresters located across the state.

Stewardship Forests

A Stewardship Forest is a parcel of well-managed forest or associated land whose owner is publicly recognized for being a good steward of the land. Your land can become a Stewardship Forest with your participation in the Nebraska Forest Stewardship Program.