Trees Heat Nebraska

TREES Heat Nebraska Collage

Organizations that could benefit from wood energy conversion: municipalities, universities, colleges, schools, hospitals, correctional facilities, livestock and agricultural facilities and horticulture greenhouses.

About the TREES Heat Nebraska Program

Nebraska Forest Service's assistance program works with interested groups to investigate and establish wood energy systems in Nebraska. Historically, there has been a lack of capital assistance for the development and installation of these energy systems, often derailing potential projects. The NFS and its Forest Products Utilization program is dedicated to addressing common barriers associated with the development of woody biomass utilization markets.

NFS offers a variety of woody biomass energy technical assistance opportunities:
  • pre-feasibility economic analysis
  • wood resource analysis
  • fuel supply chain development
  • project partnership development
The use of woody biomass for heating and cooling and for generating electricity and the production of wood-based economic products provides direct environmental, economic, and societal benefits to Nebraska's communities and citizens.

Available Financial Assistance

These grants help establish wood energy systems through technical and financial assistance. Cost-share assistance is provided to interested organizations to complete feasibility studies and project planning, as well as the actual purchase, installation and construction of wood energy systems.

NFS Financial Assistance Programs

Nebraska's rural and urban forests are important natural resources that contribute to the environmental, social and economic vitality of the state. To help sustain Nebraska's forests, NFS offers a wide range of financial assistance programs to help landowners, businesses and communities.