Wildland Fire Protection

The Nebraska Forest Service aims to help maximize the impact of existing local firefighters.

About the Wildland Fire
Protection Program

The Nebraska Forest Service Wildland Fire Protection Program provides service in four major program areas:

Unlike most states, the Nebraska Forest Service does not have a fire suppression force. The work of this agency is aimed at helping maximize the impact of the existing (predominantly volunteer) force of local firefighters across the state. The 476 rural fire districts that blanket the state collectively have more than 14,000 firefighters. A well-developed system of 58 Mutual Aid Districts covers virtually all of the state. Mutual Aid is used when local resources prove inadequate to handle a large or complex wildfire incident. Under existing mutual aid agreements, neighboring fire districts can render assistance when needed.

What can homeowners do to minimize the risk of wildfire damage?
"Living With Fire - A Homeowner's Guide" - Eastern Nebraska
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Creating a Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP)

NFS also tracks information about wildfires across the state; see information on recent fires in Nebraska.