Wood Industry in Nebraska

Woody Biomass

Woody biomass is a carbon-neutral, clean-burning, renewable energy resource derived from forests, trees, and traditional and secondary wood products.

  • Woodchips
  • Pellets
  • Briquettes/bricks

These forest products are produced from a variety of sources including forest thinning, pasture clearing, fire fuels reduction, waste wood from secondary processors such as door and window manufacturing operations, and municipal tree waste.

From the Pine Ridge to the Missouri River, these wood energy products heat and cool college campuses, dry alfalfa for the production of alfalfa feed pellets, and create hot water for use in facilities.

There are over 20,000 tons of wood energy products utilized in Nebraska per year, with millions of tons available and new interested facilities investigating this process each year.

Wood Industry Directories

The Nebraska Forest Service maintains directories of Timber Buyers, Primary and Secondary Processors.

These directories are published as a marketing aid for Nebraska’s forest products industry and are developed from a survey of all known wood processors in Nebraska.

  • Timber Buyers include active buyers of standing timber and/or cut logs in Nebraska.
  • Primary wood processors are defined as businesses that process logs, bolts or other tree sections directly into lumber, veneer, posts, fuelwood, wood chips or other primary wood products.
  • Secondary wood processors are defined as businesses that manufacture wood products from lumber, partially manufactured logs, or wood by products resulting from other wood products manufacturing.

These directories are not comprehensive. Only businesses that request to be listed are included.

Endorsement of listed individuals or firms by the Nebraska Forest Service is not intended or implied.

Nebraska Wood Products Exchange

If you are looking to buy or sell veneer logs, mulch, woody biofuel or related products and/or equipment, check out our listings, provided as a courtesy for the Nebraska wood products industry.


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