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2018 Annual Report

Contributors: Rachel Anderson, Sandy Benson, Eric Berg, Kyle Bogus, Ben Bohall, John Erixson, Christina Hoyt, Steven Jara, Heather Nobert, Hanna Pinneo, Adam Smith, Joseph Stansberry, Laurie Stepanek, Lola Young

Special thanks: David Zahn, Jim Brandle, Civic Nebraska, Nebraska Dept. of Agriculture, South of Downtown Community
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a small sample of biochar
What is Biochar?

Interest in biochar over the last several years has grown substantially in Nebraska. With established markets in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and parts of Southeast Asia, each year brings an uptick of producers and end-users. So what is biochar, anyway?

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The business end of eastern redcedar

If you keep an ear to the ground on the health of Nebraska’s grasslands, there is no doubt you have heard about eastern redcedar. Generations of ranchers and farmers tapped redcedar for everything from fence posts to windbreaks. Yet, within the last five years, this Nebraska native has started to catch serious flak.

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Fire Danger Map

This year, the Nebraska Forest Service partnered with the National Weather Service to address technological gaps in the fire danger map. Over the last few years, the NFS heard from many fire chiefs that the map was a valuable asset for issuing burn permits. However, as technology advanced so did the issue of compatibility.

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Celebrate Arbor Day
When J. Sterling Morton founded Arbor Day back in 1872, his idea was simple—set aside a special day for tree planting. And today, that idea is more important than ever.

Among the pioneers moving into the Nebraska Territory in 1854 was J. Sterling Morton from Detroit. He and his wife were lovers of nature, and the home they established in Nebraska was quickly planted with trees, shrubs and flowers.

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Historic eastern cottonwood in Burt County
Cottonwood's Roots Trace Back to Earliest Days of Burt County

It is not often you find living relics of Nebraska’s settlement days. We renovate main streets and preserve historic buildings, sure. But we are not always able to find things that have stood the test of time—in this case over 160 years. However, one eastern cottonwood south of Decatur proved to be that and much more—thanks largely to the detailed records of one of Burt County’s earliest families.

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Accomplishments at Horning State Farm Demonstration Forest

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