Press Kit

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Public Opinion on Trees & Forests
Community Wildfire Protection Program
Eastern Redcedar Expansion
Emerald ash borer (EAB)

EAB was detected in June of 2016 during an ash tree survey in Omaha. The invasive insect is projected to cost Nebraska more than $961 million over the lifetime of the infestation.

Ips/pine engraver beetles

Ips beetles, also known as pine engraver beetles, can attack stressed or healthy trees in large enough numbers to kill entire trees or the tops of trees. Western and northern Nebraska's native ponderosa pine trees face serious threats from this insect.

Drought Information

Homeowners want to know how to properly care for trees, especially during a drought. The following publications and links provide a wealth of information on how to deal with drought.

Caring for Storm-damaged Trees

Homeowners need to use caution and follow a few tips when caring for storm-damaged trees. Safety should be the priority at all times. After extreme weather homeowners often find falling limbs and debris that may pose a hazard long after the storm has passed.

Fact Sheet for LB634 (Wildfire Control Act)
History of Wildfires in Nebraska
History of wildfire in Nebraska by acres burned. 2012 proved to be the most dramatic yet with nearly 500,000 acres burned.
Annual Report

The Nebraska Forest Service publishes an annual report at the end of each year. Previous reports can be found on the Publications page.

NFS Logos

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