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About this Directory

Primary wood processors are defined as businesses that process logs, bolts, or other tree sections directly into lumber, veneer, posts, fuelwood, wood chips, or other primary wood products.

This directory is a cooperative effort by the Nebraska Forest Service, which is part of the University of Nebraska, and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension to promote the marketing and utilization of Nebraska wood products. It was developed from a survey conducted in 2010 of all known Nebraska primary processors. A sincere effort was made to contact all known primary wood processors in Nebraska. Only businesses that request to be listed are included.

USING THIS DIRECTORY. Business listings are organized alphabetically by county. Each business listing includes contact information, type of processor, major products produced, primary species processed and annual production. An index on the last two pages of this directory is alphabetized by business name and identifies the county in which the business is located..

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