Washington Hawthorn

Washington Hawthorn Deciduous

Crataegus phaenopyrum

Best known for its attractive flowers, good fall color, and small, bright red fruits that are borne in tight clusters and which are retained on the tree well into winter.

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Size at Maturity

Tree Height Tree Spread
15-30' 15-20'
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Tree Characteristics

The glossy leaves are rust resistant helping to make the tree popular for landscape use, where it is often grown as a multi-trunked tree. Grows 15-20’ tall and wide.

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Wildlife Benefits

Hawthorns are especially important trees for wildlife as their fruit is eaten by many birds, and their tangle of thorny branches often provides good cover to birds seeking shelter. 

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Interesting Facts

The wood of the hawthorn is known to be quite hard and is sometimes used in furniture making.