What is biochar?

Biochar is a pure carbon product made from organic material. It's produced through a process called pyrolysis. Pyrolysis is the decomposition of organic matter at very high temperatures in the absence of oxygen. It changes the chemical structure of the organic matter undergoing the process.

Benefits of Biochar

  • Carbon sequestration
  • Improvements in plant growth and yield
  • Improvements in soil nutrient retention
  • Improvements in soil moisture retention
  • Improvements in soil structure
  • Provides habitat for soil microorganisms
  • Reduces burning and landfilling of agricultural and forestry wastes
  • Reduce soil pH
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Infographic on the benefits of biochar

Uses for Biochar

  • Amending soils
  • Water filtration for bioswales, rain gardens, and large filtration systems
  • Cattle feed
  • Odor control of animal bedding, slurry ponds, and feedlots
  • Erosion control at construction sites or areas with highly erodible soils
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Infographic on the uses of biochar