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Fire Equipment

Through a program with the U.S. Forest Service, we are able to acquire and recondition vehicles which can be reassigned for use by participating rural fire districts.

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Nebraska is rich in tree and forest resources. The approximately 1.57 million acres of forest land area is concentrated along streams and rivers and contains nearly 394 million trees.

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Watch previous workshops on a variety of tree and forest issues. You may even find an event streaming live!

NFS Workshops


The Nebraska Forest Service has a rich history in researching forestry techniques that can be used in every application.

Map of Nebraska


To keep you better informed of the latest forestry issues, we started series of newsletters. All you have to do is select your interest area and we will start delivering content right to your inbox.

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Forestry History

Most of us know that Nebraska is the home of Arbor Day, but how much do you know about the tree planting pioneers that tamed the wind-swept plains?

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