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News Article  |  July 8, 2024

Nebraska's Forest Health Report June 2024

Nebraska's Forest Health Report June 2024
An NFS greenhouse technician displays a pine seeding

Forests & Trees

Recognition of the need for forestation and care of existing forests has been a consistent priority for Nebraska. For more than 100 years, forestry has been a part of Nebraska’s work and mission, performed under the scope of several different state and university entities.

A group of children help backfill a newly planted tree.
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Trees to Plant

Since settlement, millions of trees have been planted in Nebraska. Arbor Day, an international holiday, was started in Nebraska. This tree planting tradition continues today. Looking for a Nebraska-friendly tree to plant? Look no further.

Closeup of maple leafs on a tree.
A yound child sits on the branch of a tree.

Wildland Fire

The NFS aims to provide low-cost assistance, grants and training to support the safety and missions of Nebraska's volunteer fire departments.

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A young girl wraps her arms around the trunk of a large tree.

Hands-On Education

Our conservation education programs help both formal and non-formal educators, families, and natural resource professionals with resources to educate Nebraskans on conservation concepts and issues.

The objects included in a NFS Tree Trunks learning package.

Tree Trunks Program

Can't attend a workshop? Don't have time for a Forest Field Trip? Bring Conservation Education to your classroom with our NFS Tree Trunks!

Oak leafs on a tree.

Financial Assistance

There are several opportunities available for financial assistance with the Nebraska Forest Service. Each grant has its own unique requirements but all will include an element of cost-sharing of the project

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