Aerial Applicator Application

Airplane on the runway

As an Aerial Applicator regulated pursuant to Title 14 CFR of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the undersigned firm is willing to fly aircraft under the control of the firm’s pilot(s) whenever possible, if requested by a local fire department, on behalf of the Nebraska Forest Service (NFS), as governed by the University of Nebraska Board of Regents, for wildland fire suppression operations during the calendar year indicated.

Operational guidelines pertaining to this Agreement shall be provided by the NFS. All aircraft shall comply with the applicable FAA Restricted Airworthiness Certificate and associated Operations Specifications. Furthermore, the undersigned firm and or individual(s) agree to indemnify the Board of Regents of the University of Nebraska and hold harmless its officers, agents and employees from and against any and all loss, liability, damage, expense, or other cost or obligation resulting from or arising out of claims, damages, or lawsuits brought against the Board of Regents with respect to this Agreement or the operations of aircraft pursuant hereto.

Payment for services rendered shall be at rates established jointly by the Nebraska Aviation Trade Association and the Nebraska Emergency Management Agency (NEMA). The local requesting fire department shall be billed for such services, with the invoice being sent within thirty (30) days of the date of such services to the NFS for review and payment by the NEMA.

Aircraft Load Rate per Hour
50-150 gallons $500.00
151-200 gallons $565.00
201-300 gallons $825.00
301-450 gallons $1,800.00
451-600 gallons $2,000.00
601-800 gallons $2,200.00
801+ gallons $2,400.00
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