Champion & Heritage Trees Program

Living Witnesses

Although Nebraska is considered a "prairie state", trees have always played a prominent role in the quality of life of our state. From the native trees used by the first pioneers to the trees planted to beautify our state, trees provide beauty, protection, products, wildlife habitat, and other benefits. The Nebraska Champion Trees program builds awareness of how trees contribute to "the good life" in Nebraska.

The Nebraska Champion Trees program, administered the Nebraska Forest Service, is designed to identify and recognize the largest living specimen of all native and the most common introduced tree species in Nebraska. Over 80 species are listed in the Nebraska Champion Tree Register. These tree aristocrats are truly natural landmarks.

These trees that have served as living witnesses in the state of Nebraska. The register includes tales, photographs and a journey into Nebraska’s past through the special accounts of these famous storytellers.

Nominating a distinctive tree for the register gives every community across the state an excellent opportunity to celebrate our Nebraska heritage.

The Nebraska Heritage Tree Program is a cooperative effort between the Nebraska Forest Service and Nebraska Community Forestry Council.

Champion & and Heritage Tree Resources

Looking up at the largest Eastern Cottonwood in Nebraska.

The Register

The Champion Tree Register recognizes the largest, native and introduced tree species in Nebraska.

A Eastern Cottonwood getting measured for the registry.


In order to evaluate your tree's standing in the register, we need some information and assistance from you.

A group of students pose in a evergreen tree.

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