Financial Assistance

By seeking out additional sources of funding, the Nebraska Forest Service leverages its expertise to accomplish more projects, reach more communities, and fulfill our mission of enriching the lives of Nebraskans by protecting, restoring and utilizing the state’s tree and forest resources.

Financial Assistance Programs

Forest fuels are piled underneath forest canopy.

Reducing Forest Fuels

To minimize damage and loss from wildfires, the NFS offers several financial assistance-only programs to help both private and non-federal public landowners reduce forest fuels.

Children gather around newly planted tree and Smokey bear.

Community Initiatives

People across Nebraska are working hard in their communities and neighborhoods to plant trees, we want to help!

Wood chips are piled into machine that creates electricity.

Wood Energy

TREES Heat Nebraska works with interested groups to investigate and establish wood energy systems in the state.

Firefighters equipment hung in locker.

Firefighting Equipment

Qualifying fire districts can split up to 50 percent of equipment purchases with the NFS.

Large fire engine parked outside garage.

Acquiring Heavy Equipment

Equipment large and small is acquired and reconditioned by the NFS. These vehicles, generators, etc. are then reassigned to participating fire districts.