Nebraska Forestry Connections Curriculum

Kids climbing a tree with rope harnesses.

Dear Educator,

We are so glad that you found this resource for educating children about the natural wonders of Nebraska! Whether you are a formal educator, a nature center interpreter, an after-school programmer, a homeschooling parent, or anyone else, all of us at the Nebraska Forest Service sincerely hope you find these lessons and resources useful. Throughout these lessons, you will find new ways to guide children in Pre K-12th grade in their learning about trees and forests in Nebraska. From the animals who depend on forests, to the changing colors of leaves in the fall, to using fire as a management technique, there are so many things to learn about trees in the "Tree Planters State"! Along the way, students will practice their math skills, build their language and communication knowledge, and be scientists. These lessons are hands-on and designed to engage the whole student through critical thinking, decision making, and physical movement.

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