Wildland Fire Training

Wildland Fire Training

The Nebraska Forest Service provides classes in numerous communities across the state as well as at Mutual Aid Schools and State Fire School. The NFS also provides training materials and funding to the Nebraska State Fire Marshal's Training Division for the delivery of wildland fire courses.

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Courses Currently Available

Nebraska Wildland Firefighter

This course contains general information that enables participants to recognize fuel, weather and topographic conditions, along with the early warning signs of extreme fire behavior. The course also deals with water conservation, fire ground safety and suppression tactics, all with an emphasis on Nebraska fuels. Although the course is designed for entry-level firefighters, it is based on nationally recognized courses and is good for firefighters of any level. The course is available at no charge to any fire department in Nebraska upon request. Length: 3-12 hours.

Wildland Aviation Operations

This new course will introduce aviation resources available for Nebraska wildland firefighting operations. Topics will include: Single Engine Air Tanker (SEAT) models and capacities, water vs. gel vs. foam vs. retardant – which should you request?, SEAT ordering procedures, tactical use of aviation assets, communication and feedback, SEAT base locations, set up and how they operate (including mobile bases) and a day in the life of a SEAT base manager. Offered upon request. Length: 4-12 hours.

Fire(wise) on the Acreage

When you hear the words “Firewise Landscaping” what picture comes to mind? A paved parking lot in the middle of the Colorado mountains?  Hopefully this course can put your mind at ease. Firewise and the urban/rural interface is not just a concern of people who live in the mountains. This course shows that homeowners don’t have to go to extremes to improve the fire resistance of Nebraska homes and landscapes.  It also demonstrates how homeowners can help Nebraska firefighters protect homes in the event of a wildfire. Offered upon request. Length: varies.

Prescribed Fire Safety and Operations

This course is primarily aimed at landowners wishing to gain information on the safe use of prescribed fire as a land management tool.  Topics discussed include: a review of Nebraska state statutes that deal with prescribed fire; factors that affect fire behavior; prescribed fire safety practices; items to be considered in planning a burn; equipment used in the ignition and suppression of fire; and firing strategies and tactics. This is not a certification course. Offered upon request. Length: 6-8 hours.

Putting Fire on the Ground: Ignition Operations

Using fire to fight fire is a widely used tactic, but it’s the one tool in our kit that has the most potential to harm fellow firefighters. This course will cover duties and responsibilities during a firing operation, firing devices, basic firing methods and patterns, environmental factors and common considerations and rules of thumb. Length: varies.

Leadership 101

This class will introduce/re-introduce basic leadership knowledge and skills to those aspiring to lead in the Emergency . Topics discussed include: leadership defined, leadership styles, leadership skills and leadership actions. The class is presented in two parts: Power Point with discussion and video. The class makes use of the “Leadership in Cinema” program from the Wildland Fire Leadership Development Program. Offered upon request. Length: 6 hours.

Wildland Fire Tactical Decision Games

Intuitive decision making is a vital wildland firefighting skill gained primarily through experience. This class will give firefighters an opportunity to practice decision making and communicating that decision to others through the use of sand table scenarios. Participants will also learn tips for developing local sand table scenarios, including plans to build a sand table for in-house training. Offered upon request and at Les Lukert Winter Fire School. Length varies.

National Wildfire Coordinating Group Courses

S-130 Firefighter Training

This course is designed to provide entry-level firefighter skills. Many of the units are set up so they can be taught in either the classroom or the field; field time is encouraged. A version of L-180, Human Factors on the Fireline, has been included as part of this course. Credit for both S-130 and L-180 will be issued upon completion of this course. Offered upon request and at the Nebraska Wildland Fire Academy.  Length: 30-35 hours.

S-190 Introduction to Wildland Fire Behavior

This course provides instruction in the primary factors affecting the start and spread of wildfire and recognition of potentially hazardous situations. S-190 is typically taught in conjunction with or prior to Basic Firefighter Training, S-130. It is designed to meet the fire behavior training needs of a firefighter type 2 (FFT2) on an incident as outlined in the PMS 310-1, Wildland Fire Qualification System Guide and the position task book developed for the position. Offered upon request and at the Nebraska Wildland Fire Academy. Length: 6-8 hours.

L-180 Human Factors in the Wildland Fire Service

This course is designed for new firefighters. Presentation of the course involves a few short lecture segments, but the primary content is delivered by video and supported with small group exercises. Topics include: situation awareness, basic communication responsibilities, attitude and stress barriers, decision-making process, and teamwork principles. Typically offered with S-130 and S-190 but can be offered as a six-hour stand-alone course.

RT-130 Annual Fireline Safety Refresher

This course is designed to provide up-to-date fireline safety information to firefighters holding Incident Command System qualifications who require this training per the 2006, PMS 310-1, Wildland Fire Qualification System Guide.  Individual sessions of Annual Fireline Safety Refresher Training contain content pertinent to the registered students including entrapment avoidance, current issues, fire shelter deployment and other hazard and safety issues. Typically offered in the spring and at the Nebraska Wildland Fire Academy. Length: 4-8 hours.

S-131 Advanced Firefighter

This course is designed to meet the training needs of the Firefighter Type 1 (FFT1). The course is designed to be interactive in nature. It contains several tactical decision games designed to facilitate learning the course objectives, as well as  class discussion.  Topics include: fireline reference materials, communications and tactical decision making. Offered upon request and at the Nebraska Wildland Fire Academy.  Length: 12 hours.