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Black Walnut Timber Management & Harvest

WHEN: Saturday, October 27, 2018
WHERE: Horning State Farm, 2106 Horning Road, Plattsmouth, NE 6804
Nebraska’s eastern hardwood forests are home to a significant walnut timber resource. While high-value timber production remains a viable management strategy, it is necessary to understand the importance of active timber management in order to capture the highest value of the walnut resource. Additionally, improving forest health and sustainability play a key role in producing high-quality timber and ensuring a timber resource for the future. The Nebraska Forest Service will be hosting a Walnut Timber Management and Harvest Workshop emphasizing active timber management and opportunities to improve the health, quality, and sustainability of Nebraska’s walnut timber resource.


black walnut rounds
Incorrectly managed or harvested black walnut can reduce a log's value by hundreds or even thousands of dollars. 
(Courtesy: Missouri Department of Conservation).