About Champion and Heritage Trees


The Nebraska Register of Heritage Trees is unique because it is a collection of trees that have served as living witnesses in the state of Nebraska. The register includes tales, photographs and a journey into Nebraska’s past through the special accounts of these famous storytellers.

Nominating a distinctive tree for the register gives every community across the state an excellent opportunity to celebrate our Nebraska heritage.

The Nebraska Heritage Tree Program is a cooperative effort between the Nebraska Forest Service and Nebraska Community Forestry Council.

Guidelines for Nomination

  • The tree is figurative in legend, lore or common perception.
  • The tree stands at the home of a person who played a role in Nebraska history as a leader, writer or other significant contribution.
  • The tree stands at or near where an event occurred that affected Nebraska’s development and citizens.
  • The tree was planted by an individual or group whose experience is of significance.
  • The tree is illustrated in sketches, journals, photographs or writings related to a historical event.