Less weeds, more WOW at Horning Farm

Picture of volunteers and NFS staff planting at the 2017 Horning Farm Field Day

Here's a snapshot from a garden design demonstration put on as part of Horning Farm Field Day last September near Plattsmouth, Nebraska. This event, hosted by the Nebraska Forest Service at its easternmost research forest, was a chance for the public and green industry professionals to learn the latest in tree and landscape news.

One big topic of the field day was landscaping with woodland and prairie plants, for their beauty as well as the water quality and habitat benefits they can provide. But how do we grow these species without weeds getting in the way? This demonstration garden will serve as a trial plot for a new four-tiered approach to sustainable landscaping that vows “less weeds, more wow.” It builds on the concept of ‘living mulch’ brought forth by landscape architect Claudia West at the Nebraska Statewide Arboretum’s Post-Wild design workshop last June. Check out next year’s Horning Farm Field Day to see the garden after its first growing season and hear about lessons learned. Here's how it works:

Garden design guide The “Less Weeds, More WOW" garden design guide is made available for free by the Nebraska Statewide Arboretum at plantnebraska.org.