Forest Management

Sun setting through trees.

Forests cover 947,000 acres in Nebraska. Other land with scattered tree cover, including narrow wooded strips along streams, windbreaks, and wooded pasture lands, occupies an additional 1,252,000 acres. Managing Nebraska's forest lands can produce significant benefits without negative impacts; however, careless activities in woodlands can damage water re­sources, soils, wildlife habitat, aes­thetic values, and even the ability to produce future benefits.

A pine forest looking throug a clearing.

Rural Forestry

Addressing privately-owned forestlands that face the threat of rural residential development, parcelization and other development measures.

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Picturesque image of campus landscaping.

Community Forestry and Sustainable Landscapes

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Emerald Ash Borer.

Forest Health Alerts

Forest Health provides programming for the state of Nebraska in forest and tree insects, diseases and environmental issues.

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Machine harvesting timber logs in Nebraska forest

Forest Products Utilization

To help facilitate the development of strong, sustainable markets for the state’s tree and forest resources.

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Looking up at a large cottonwood tree.

Champion & Heritage Tree

Recognizing the largest living specimen of all native and the most common introduced tree species in Nebraska

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Forest fuels are piled underneath forest canopy.

Financial Assistance

By seeking out additional sources of funding, the Nebraska Forest Service leverages its expertise to accomplish more projects.

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Find a Forestry Contractor

In an effort to promote forest management in Nebraska, the NFS is compiling a list of contractors that service clients in the state

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