Forest Products Utilization

Healthy forests and strong markets are dependent upon active, responsible forest management. Markets for wood and forest products lead to increased timber harvesting and forest management. Active forest management improves the health of Nebraska's tree and forest resources, making forests sustainable over time.

The primary goal of the Forest Products Utilization program is to facilitate the development of strong, sustainable markets for the state’s tree and forest resources. This is accomplished with staff providing expert technical assistance, developing high-quality information resources, supporting strong collaborative partnerships with businesses and other organizations, and fostering business expansion and new business development.

Services Offered

  • Technical assistance for forest products businesses and sawmills
  • Technical and financial assistance to develop woody biomass energy projects
  • Partnership development for wood products utilization and woody biomass initiatives
  • Grants for new product testing and demonstration
  • Wood product marketing assistance
  • Market identification and development
  • Trainings and workshops related to forest products business needs
  • Education and outreach related to woody biomass energy or forest products topics
  • Information clearinghouse for state forest inventory data, wood supply information, and forest products related publications
  • Advertisement of available products through the "Timber Talk" quarterly newsletter

Financial Assistance Programs

The FPU program offers continuous, financial assistance programs to provide cost-share funding for market development activities including woody biomass energy system development and activities related to the development of new wood products. Funds are available through an application and review process. Contact FPU staff for information.

Trees Heat Nebraska

Technical and financial assistance program to facilitate woody biomass energy development.

  • Conduct on-site technical assistance
  • Complete initial pre-feasibility assessments
  • Facilitate the completion of an engineering feasibility study
  • Provide grants for the development, purchase, installation, or upgrade of woody biomass energy systems
  • Assist seeking additional funding sources for conversion to woody biomass energy
  • Assist with biomass supply chain development
  • Develop partnerships for large-scale woody biomass energy initiatives and projects
  • Conduct wood energy outreach programming

Wood Product Development

Technical and financial assistance program to further wood product development, testing, and demonstration.

  • Conduct on-site technical assistance
  • Identify market opportunities for new products
  • Facilitate partnerships between producers and potential markets
  • Assist with product and business development activities and information
  • Provide grants for product development, testing, and demonstration site establishment
  • Develop and conduct outreach opportunities to increase wood product exposure

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