At-Risk Tree Removal and Replanting

At-Risk Tree Removal and Replanting

NFS recently received a Sustainable Urban Forest Resilience grant for $483,000 to extend the current hazardous tree program in Lincoln, Nebraska. This project engages the City of Lincoln in a collaborative effort to respond to Emerald Ash Borer's (EAB) impacts within the community.

A holistic approach addresses the challenge of EAB, particularly in Low- and Moderate-Income (LMI) neighborhoods and among underserved residents. The At-Risk Tree Removal and Replanting Grant Program is available citywide and is free for residents who meet income requirements. This project removes and replaces ash trees; implements a treatment program to retain high-quality ash trees growing on public property; and plant/establish street trees to increase canopy in LMI neighborhoods.

The pilot generated enthusiastic responses from residents. There are currently 47 approved applications, meaning assessment is complete and removal is done or in progress. City of Lincoln forestry staff helps with tree selection and location for fall planting with local staff and volunteers.

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