Science Thrives!

Science Thrives!

In 2022, NFS partnered with The Department of Teaching, Learning, and Teacher Education to engage education majors in activities from the Project Water Education Today (WET) and Project Learning Tree (PLT) with an aim to enhance their knowledge and skills for teaching authentic and relevant science to their students.

The PLT training provided valuable experiential learning opportunities for many elementary-level preservice teachers. During the training, the pre-service teachers participated in inquiry-based lessons from an elementary student’s perspective. They then analyzed the lesson and made connections to our course objectives using the lens of a soon-to-be teacher.

Many of these educators will serve in Nebraska’s public school districts which serve high-need and diverse student populations. Continuing to expand these relationships with Nebraska educator training programs will allow NFS to equip future teachers with PLT/WET curriculum as well as reach their students, ultimately impacting numerous low-income, diverse, and underserved audiences of Nebraska youth.

  • 11% of Nebraska youth learned via a PLT or WET lesson in 2022
  • 652 educators were trained in Conservation Education
  • 25 Nebraska communities reached
  • 70 Conservation Education workshops held

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