Sugar Maple Deciduous

Acer saccharum

Sugar maple is one of the most important trees of New England where it is tapped to make maple syrup and is a primary component of that region's beautiful fall color.  Though not quite native to Nebraska, sugar maple has proven to be a reliable grower when given good care and favorable site conditions.

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Sugar Maple at Wilderness Park in Lincoln, NE.
Swamp White Oak Deciduous

Quercus bicolor

Swamp white oak has become one of the most popular oaks for planting in recent years. The swamp white oak is an excellent tree for planting in the yard or as a woodland tree. The tree is native to much of the eastern US, extending from New England into central Iowa.

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Swamp White Oak tree.
Tulip Tree Deciduous

Liriodendron tulipifera

As can be guessed by both its common and scientific names, tulip tree is named for its tulip-like, yellow-green flowers that are born at the end of branches shortly after leaf emergence each spring.

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Tulip Tree in bloom.
Washington Hawthorn Deciduous

Crataegus phaenopyrum

Best known for its attractive flowers, good fall color, and small, bright red fruits that are borne in tight clusters and which are retained on the tree well into winter.

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White oak Deciduous

Quercus alba

White oak is abundant across much of the eastern US reaching its western limit at about the Missouri River where it just reaches into southeast Nebraska. It's an excellent ornamental tree because of its broad round crown, dense foliage, and purplish-red to violet-purple fall color.

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White oak provides wonderful shade for this rural home.
Winterberry Euonymus Deciduous

Euonymus bungeanus

Also known as spindletree, winterberry euonymus is best known for its fall colors of pink, orange, and red found in both its leaves and fruit capsules.

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Winterberry tree, looking good!