Concolor (white) Fir

Concolor (white) Fir needles

Concolor (white) Fir Coniferous

Abies concolor

White fir is a tree that has been planted in Nebraska for some time. It is becoming more popular as an alternative to some of the pines that are beginning to show long-term problems. 

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Where To Grow

The tree is relatively drought tolerant but does best on moist well-drained soils. It does not tolerate poorly drained soil or heavy clay. White fir can be used as a windbreak on sites that are not so severe. It can sometimes have problems with winter burn. The tree does not like to be planted alone on exposed sites and can be subject to windthrow. It is best to plant white fir in groups. There’s safety in numbers.
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Suitable to plant throughout the state.
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Size at Maturity

Tree Height Tree Spread
25-40' 15-25'
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Tree Characteristics

Its leaves or needles are 2 to 3 inches long, silvery-blue to silvery-green, extending at nearly right angles from all sides of the twig. The upright cones are 2 to 5 inches long, oblong, olive-green to purple. The bark is 4 to 7 inches thick on old trunks, ashy gray and divided by deep irregular furrows. 

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Wildlife Benefits

The seed is eaten by squirrels and other rodents. Seedlings are often browsed extensively by deer. Porcupines will gnaw the bark, and grouse will feed on the buds and needles. Concolor fir makes good winter roosting trees for some upland birds.

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Wood Utilization

White Fir is used as construction lumber and is commonly grouped together with other species of fir and hemlock and sold under the more generic label “HEM-FIR.”

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Additional Considerations

White fir makes an excellent Christmas tree! It has a delightful aroma, retains its needles well after cutting, and has strong sturdy branches that hold their shape. Other species that tree collectors may want to try are the Korean and Canaan firs. 

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Interesting Facts

White fir is also called concolor fir using its Latin name. The Latin name, Abies concolor, means tall or rising tree with needles of one color.

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Concolor Fir tree full size
Close up of Concolor (white) Fir bark