Eastern White Pine

photo of eastern white pine in the summer.

Eastern White Pine Coniferous

Pinus Strobus

An often-overlooked evergreen in Nebraska is the eastern white pine. Eastern white pine is native to the northeastern and north-central part of the United States. White pine is frequently used for windbreaks and screens along fields, new right-of-ways, and around campsites.

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Where To Grow

Eastern white pine grows on a variety of soils ranging from light, sandy to heavy textured soils. If possible, plant on an east or north facing slope. East and north faces have cooler soils and retain more moisture. If you don’t have an ideal site the tree will grow well on just about any eastern Nebraska site as long as drainage is good. 
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Suitable to plant east of the 100th meridian.
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Size at Maturity

Tree Height Tree Spread
35-60' 20-40' 
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Tree Characteristics

The largest conifer of the eastern and upper Midwest forests, reaching 150 feet in height and up to 40 inches in diameter. In dense stands, trees produce tall, cylindrical stems with pyramidal-shaped crowns, characterized by distinctive, plate-like branching, especially noticeable as the trees become older. On young growth, the bark remains rather thin, smooth, and greenish-brown in color. On older trees, the bark becomes deeply fissured and dark grayish-brown in color. Its evergreen needles are in clusters of 5, soft, flexible, 2 1/2 to 5 inches long, and bluish-green in appearance. Its cones are about 4 to 8 inches long and 1 inch thick. These remain attached for 1 to several months after ripening in the autumn of the second season.

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Wildlife Benefits

It has fair wildlife value. Gray and red squirrels, deer, mice and 16 species of songbirds have been known to eat the seed.

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Additional Considerations

White pine does not like to have “wet feet” so if water stands on the site, then white pine may be a poor choice.

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Interesting Facts

The wood of white pine is light, durable, and easy to work. It is good lumber for toys, boxes, cabinet work, and similar items. In the early days of settlement in the United States, it was used as masts for sailing vessels. 

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Eastern White Pine tree.
Eastern White pine tree's pine cone.