Euonymus, Winterberry

Euonymus, Winterberry

Euonymus bungeanusDeciduous

Also known as spindletree, winterberry euonymus is best known for its fall colors of pink, orange, and red found in both its leaves and fruit capsules.

Winterberry tree, looking good!
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Where To Grow

Winterberry is tough and adaptable and is considered to be quite drought tolerant when established.

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Size at Maturity

Tree Height Tree Spread
15-20' 15-20'
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Tree Characteristics

It's generally a dense, low-branched, multi-stemmed small tree growing up to 20ft tall and wide and which can take on a rather ragged appearance with age.  The pink fruits are especially attractive as they split open to reveal bright orange or red seeds within.

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Interesting Facts

Eastern Wahoo (Euonymus atropurpureus) is native to the Midwest US including eastern Nebraska. Though it’s generally considered a large-growing shrub, it can reach the size of a small tree. Wahoo also has attractive pink fruits in the fall and heavily-loaded specimens can appear to be covered in pink popcorn.