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The Great Plains Biochar Initiative (GPBI) aims to improve biochar awareness and market development in the Great Plains.

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What is Biochar?

Biochar is a pure carbon product made from organic material. It's produced through a process called pyrolysis.

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installing biochar as part of a green roof at UNL
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Combined Heat & Biochar Webinar

In the process of making biochar from biomass, thermal energy is produced that can be used for heating and cooling. Systems that take advantage of both the biochar and the energy are called Combined Heat and Biochar or CHAB. The basics of CHAB systems, available technologies, appropriate applications, and the economics of combined heat and biochar.

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For questions about the Great Plains Biochar Initiative or biochar-related topics, don’t hesitate to reach out to Heather and Adam of the Nebraska Forest Service!

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installing biochar as part of a green roof at UNL


Biochar Fact Sheets

Find out the different ways biochar promotes sustainability with these fact sheets! 

Biochar in Compost Filtering Stormwater Removing Carbon

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