Timmas Farm State Ecological Preserve

Timmas Farm State Ecological Preserve (Timmas) is as an important research and testing site for practical landscape scale restoration practices. Located on 240 acres adjacent to the Missouri River's bluffs, Timmas was gifted to the University of Nebraska Foundation as an undeveloped open space managed for conservation and preservation of native vegetation and wildlife.

Following historic flooding of the river in 2011, invasive reed canary grass relished in the disturbance and colonized over five percent of the property. The NFS set out on an ambitious plan to not just remove the grass, but to revive native species that once flourished in the area. A landscape restoration grant awarded by the USDA helped set the wheels in motion.

NFS staff began eliminating the invasive grass, prepping it for re-planting in 2015. Over 28,000 willows and 6,000 cottonwood and sycamore trees—once abundant in the area—were reintroduced in the spring. In 2016, NFS foresters found a nearly 85% survival of the cottonwood and sycamore trees and greater than 85% survival of the willows.

Since management efforts began, nearly 90% of the reed canary grass has been eradicated.